Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More photos...

Jack and Daddy playing a favorite game...peek-a-boo over the couch :)

Another favorite game...Jack crawls away and Ben pulls him back :)

He is such a goof :)

Jack turns 1!!!!!

We cannot believe that we have a 1 year old already!!! Jack turned 1 on the 10th of this month and we had a little party. He had fun, loved his cake (as you will see shortly) and is still loving all of his new birthday presents (thank you again everyone) :) He is still getting bigger by the minute and is becoming more and more fun (and opinionated) each day. :)

'Aunt' Lane made Jack his 1st Birthday banner

Opening up a few presents before dinner...

He's such a boy...he enjoyed climbing on the boxes more than opening them :)

Time for cake!!! (I made Jack his own little #1 cake to make a mess of, too) :)

He sure didn't hesitate...knew exactly what to do and went for it :)

It didn't take long for that blue frosting to be everywhere...

He looked like a little smurf :)

Think he enjoyed it??? :)

Reading one of his new books with Daddy after having a quick bath to wash away all the blue!

Sharing some milk with Papa Methvin before bed...gotta wash all that cake down :)

I now have a 1 year old and a 25 year old :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another AMAZING coupon deal!

I just got done with a series of 5 different Rite Aid shopping transactions in 2 different trips and the outcome was just so great that I had to share!

This week Rite Aid has a TON of 'Free after rebate' items that I took advantage of. Rite Aid does a program called the Single Check Rebate (SCR). They give rebates for certain products that they select, some for the full purchase price. You have to pay for the product up front, submit your receipts, and you get a nice little check in the mail a few weeks later :) Some of the items I bought even had coupons out for them which, after the rebate, turns the item into a money maker...meaning it is free plus I actually MAKE money for buying the product. (That's my kind of shopping!) :) Most of the products were centered around cold and allergy season, that's why there's so much of it in the photo :) There are also 5 packages of diapers. ($$$info under photo)

So---here's the good part:
Before sales, coupons, and rebates everything in the photo above would have cost $174.93!!
After sales and coupons, the total for everything above was $90.83 ...a savings of $84.10!
But gets better... :)
I will be getting a SCR (rebate check) for $78.88 which makes my total for everything in the photo $11.95!!!

But wait gets EVEN better... :)
Rite Aid has a specific deal going on with their Huggies diapers where if you buy 5 packs and submit your receipts, you receive a voucher for a free 6th pack of Huggies diapers!! That's another 11 plus dollars of free merchandise! A total savings overall of $174.97!!!

Pretty great deal if I must say so :)

Found the camera cord!!!

My wonderful hubby found me a cord so I could finally get over 100 photos off of my camera :) Enjoy the photos on the next few posts...some are a couple months old, some are a couple weeks old...but they are ALL pretty stinkin' cute. :)

Found the camera cord: Lunch outside

Jack really loves to be outside, so lunch outside is usually pretty fun :)

Watching the birds in the trees :)

Gotta love that PB&J :)

Found the camera cord: Our little climber

This was the morning that Jack discovered he could climb up onto the door of the dishwasher. Now, any time he catches it down, he's up there...trying to open up the closest drawer to climb into it...then onto the counter I'm sure :)

Found the camera cord: 2 different days outside :)

Some photos from 2 different days playing outside...

Day 1
Not sure what he is peeking at over his tractor, but it's cute :)

I sure wish I knew what he was thinking when he made this face :)

And he's off...

Tasting the 'flowers' in the grass :)

Guess he thought it tasted pretty good...?

Day 2
Tractor and a phone...everything a boy needs :)

"I think I'd really like to put my foot up on that steering wheel..."

"Just a little higher..."

"Now just set it down..."

"Nope. That didn't work out very well."
**Notice that not once did he let go of that phone :)**

Found the camera cord: CHIPS!!

Well, big surprise, Jack loves to get into the snack cupboard and relocate things to the ground. :) This particular time he pulled out a bag of almost empty chips which dumped out a handful of crumbs. This was my little 'helper' cleaning up his mess :)

Making progress...with a little help from Mauser :)

The box of cider you see is another favorite of his. He loves to pull a few packets out and play with them :)