Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Video Pics

Some cute snapshots from tonight's video :0)

Today was the start of Dad's first 48 hour shift since Jack was born and we sure are missin' him! It is also snowing here today, so Mom, Jack and Mauser have just been hangin' out. Jack had a lot of fun in his jumper today...his feet can finally touch the ground so he is really liking it! :) Enjoy!

Jack trying to eat his duck :)

Sittin' with Dad...check out those knuckle dimples!! :)

Chubby arms!!

Christmas Pics

A couple pictures from Jack's first Christmas Eve :)

A couple pictures from Jack's first Christmas Eve :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

We went to the doctor today and Jack weighed in at 18lbs 1oz! Yay for chubby legs! :)

Jack also got a new chair yesterday...he loves to sit up and play and his chair helps him do that by himself. It's pretty cute! :)

Playin' on his belly

Sweet sleepin' boy

Goofy family picture :)

Big blue eyes!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Video Pics

Just a couple cute snapshots from tonight...
He is just the sweetest thing!

15 weeks!

We had one happy boy tonight. :) Mommy and Jack were hangin' out and just talking. Jack is 15 weeks old today...time is flying by and he only gets cuter every day!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jack started really laughing last night (1.13.09)! We have gotten a couple little giggles out of him before, but Daddy really got him going last night. We tried to catch some of it on video...enjoy!

First Post!

Jack is growing and growing! He just turned 3 months old and is learning new things every day. When we got home from Christmas in Prosser he figured out how to reach out and grab his toys and now he's a pro. He also discovered the TV when we got home and loves to watch all the colors. In the last couple weeks he has realized how much he likes to sit up and look around and he loves to "fly" now, too. Around 12 weeks he started sleeping all night which has been very nice (for mom AND for Jack) :) He is quite the talker and us such a happy boy!! We are just in love.