Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Stuff!

Jack has literally been doing something new every day in the last week or so. He has really been enjoying talking in every pitch he can get out...provides a lot of entertainment for mom and dad! :) He also finally got enough motivation to roll over and, in 3 days, has went from doing it just once or twice to rarely staying on his back. :) His newest trick...tonight he pushed himself up onto one knee and a foot! He was so proud of himself! :) And of course, like with all the other tricks, when mom went for the camera he laid back down onto his belly. So there are no pictures to share of all his new stuff...we were just too excited not to share. There are 2 videos of Jack talking that will make you smile though :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hermiston Trip

We took a trip to Hermiston last weekend to do a Gold Canyon party for Grandma Methvin (which went very well...thanks Grandma!) :) While we were in Hermiston, Jack got to meet his Uncle Rick and Aunt Lisa for the first time! It was great to see them, and he had a lot of fun. :)
We also got our pictures done by the Lukes (the same people that took our wedding photos). Jack was not feeling well at all, but was still a happy boy and we got some really great could you not with such a cute baby?! :) You can check them out by going to and using the password 183hector.

We were happy that it was nice enough outside for Jack to play without socks on!! :)

Not sure if he was yawning or talking... :)
And his hair was a little crazy from the sunscreen.

Aunt Lisa, Jack, Uncle Rick, Mom & Dad :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Today was Jack's first Easter! It was pretty uneventful, but we still had a good day. We went to church and Jack went to the nursery for the first time for a bit and played with the other babies :) He had fun getting into his very first Easter basket this morning...(and Mom and Dad had fun being the Easter bunny, too) :)

Jack in his Easter outfit

First Easter basket :)
(he's also teething...see the drool) :)

He likes the hair on top of the duck :)

Socks from Great Grandma Jackie

Sun glasses from Great Grandma Jackie

Mauser was helping him check out his basket

All of the Easter basket excitement tuckered him out :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Big boy!

Well Jack will be 6 months old tomorrow!! We just can't believe how fast it has flown by! He has his 6 month checkup tomorrow and we are very excited to see his height and is guessing he is about 24 pounds now. We'll see how close she is! :)

Playin' with mom's pot while she does the dishes :)

Laughing at Mauser :)

Do they get more beautiful than this?


We had some mid-60 degree weather a few days ago and it gave us a chance to get outside and let Jack play in the grass for the first time. He had a such a good time :)

It tickled his feet :)

He had fun pulling the grass out of the ground :)

Big boy bath!

Jack is LOVING being out of the infant bath tub and in the big one! He is such a happy boy and has so much fun splashing in the water and playing with his toys!

Melts my heart...

He likes to read his bath book :)

He's been a big fan of his tongue lately :)

He's also fallen in love with Mauser...(that's his nose on the side) :)
I swear one day that dog is just gonna jump in the tub with him!