Sunday, September 27, 2009

Horses and other photos

On a walk in Walla Walla :)

(Sorry about my lens hood somehow making an appearance in a few photos!)
We went to see the horses that live by Uncle Bill & Aunt Francis in Walla Walla and Jack loved them. Big surprise :)

Jack helping the nice horse with his congestion problem :)

The smile on his face says it all if you can see it :)

Sittin' on Mauser's bed, reading a book :)

Riding his tractor and playing in the drawers :)

Such a ham :)

Jack is always a happy boy when Daddy gets home from work :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Coupon Game

So I have been trying to get started with the whole coupon game. Most weeks I can save an average of $10 on grocery shopping, which is nice, but isn't all that great. The last couple weeks I have done great though! I am pretty excited about how much I have saved and how much I have been able to get for nearly nothing, so I just have to post once about it!! :)

Last week I shopped at RiteAid and Albertsons and was able to get $88.97 worth of stuff for only $34.47...that's a savings of $54.50!!!

Today I shopped at Target and Albertsons and was able to get $70.44 worth of stuff for only $14.88...that's a savings of $55.56!!!

I took pictures of my trips today so you can see what all I was able to get...

This was from my Target trip.
Before sales/coupons this would have cost $41.19. I paid $6.12!

This was Albertsons.
Before sales/coupons this would have cost $28.95. I was able to get it all for $8.76. (I paid just 10 cents total for all 9 of the candy bars!! Not that we need them, but...) :)

I read a great blog that I get the coupon/sale match up ideas from. The blog is A Thrify Mom and without Sarah (that's her name, she is actually from Idaho...Caldwell I believe) I would have a MUCH harder time doing the coupons. So, thanks to her, although I doubt she will read this :)


Ben and I both transferred all of our pictures from our cell phones to the computer...there were photos from when we were still living in TriCities clear up through a couple days ago! :) I sorted through some and found some cute recent pictures of Jack that I though were blog-worthy :)

Showin' Dad his toes :)

With Daddy at work :)

We had waffles and eggs for dinner...he really liked the syrup, both in his tummy AND his hair :)

This was Jack's first ER visit back in June. Middle of the night and a bad case of croupe...think we would have a grumpy boy??? Nope :)

Enjoying his breathing treatment :)

He is SUCH a GOOBER!! :)

LOVES his John Deere tractor :)

Trying to cut 4 teeth at Fred & Dana's wedding...crashed :(

That would be Mauser's toy basket. Jack climbed in and, about 2 seconds after this photo, fell out :) Thought it was funny the whole time though


I am SO sorry that is has been nearly 2 months since I have put anything new up!!! The last month and a half has been pretty crazy for us, from family weddings, (congrats Fred and Dana) :) to battling with wall paper border from 1972, painting, fixing and cleaning our new home (thanks to everyone who helped us out!!) and trying to get all of our stuff sorted out in the new place!! Whew! With Jack being almost 11 months old and EVERYWHERE it is a little difficult to get much done :) Plus, he is just so much fun to play with!!
I am almost positive that I have some super cute pictures on my camera, but the batteries are dead (and I have no clue where new batteries ended up after the move) and I'm not sure where the transfer cord is. Goodness! :)
I did find a disc of pictures that I had developed about a month ago so in the world of Jack, they are a little outdated, but still cute of course :) I figured I should take a few minutes today while Jack was napping and put them on the blog and apologize for slacking so much with it lately. Soon, all will settle back down and I will be able to get back to it (I will have a walking baby who is already a climber though, so I'm not promising anything!!) :) Enjoy these, though...he sure is growing fast!!

This picture captures how much of Ben's personality he has :)

Hangin' out with Mauser outside (kind of) :)

Sharing some Cheerios with Mauser

Shirtless! :)

We still don't make it a day without a hand in the dog's water...more recently his favorite has been to take his alphabet magnets off of the fridge and put them into the water bowl...just a little treat for Mauser I guess :)